Does Everyone Connect Babies Names and Meanings? Or Is That Just a Mariah Carey Thing?

Caroline's name bracket.

I gotta get something off my chest. Caroline and I are making absolutely no headway when it comes to names. This is nothing new for us. On the eve of the triplets birth? Do y’all have a name yet? our favorite nurse had asked. No, I answered, but we are in the final stages of deliberation. Which was true. Essentially all we needed was a grease board and 45 effective minutes. Once we were given both, BOOM, the triplets had names.

This time? We’re really struggling. And I recently read an article about the names belonging to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins (Monroe and Morcoccan) which has me even more concerned. Because if we have to attach a funky meaning to our names? We’re really screwed.

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