Melissa Petro Deserves Sympathy, But Not Another Teaching Gig

Melissa Petro's self inflicted wound proves that the pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword.

Melissa Petro went from unknown Bronx teacher to highly controversial figure in seconds flat thanks to an Op-Ed she wrote for the Huffington Post last year. In it, she criticized Craigslist’s for censoring their adult services section while openly admitting to her former role as a sex worker. Predictably, the grade school teacher’s shocking confession became front-page news. Even more predictably, the school district yanked Petro out of the classroom and reassigned her to administrative duties.

The other day, Petro wrote a piece on Salon which updated her situation as well as explained the thought process behind attaching her name to such a candid and sure-to-be controversial piece. After reading her narrative, two things occurred to me. First, Petro is an intelligent, well-intended woman who did not deserve the hateful onslaught which her Op-Ed generated. And second, Petro also does not deserve to get her teaching gig back.

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