Adult Babies Make Me Reach for My Burp Cloth

That's not weird.

Stanley Thornton’s pretty much your average guy, really. Well, except for the fact that the 29-year-old spends half his life pretending to be an infant, that is. See, when Stanley gets home from a long day of work, he likes to hop into his favorite footies, suck on a pacifier and get busy with some legos. While many of us sit in our favorite chair and read the paper, he’s more likely to sit in a custom-built highchair and eat a bowl of apple sauce.

Who serves it to him? OH. Right. A former nurse named Sandra Diaz, that’s who. And Sandra’s pretty much your average gal, really. Well, except for the fact that she spends half her life pretending to be the mom of a some 29-year-old guy who’s pretending to be an infant.

Apparently there’s a whole gaggle of such folks. You know. Adults who pretend to be babies. They’re called (get this) adult babies. And you might be surprised to learn of the extremes to which they’re willing to go to live the infant life.

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