5 Quirks My Wife Found Endearing…Before She Was Pregnant

Those sunglasses atop my head? I lost them 5 minutes after this pic was taken. Along with my car keys.

Even those of us in the best of matrimonial arrangements would likely agree that marriage can often be hard work. And my marriage is no exception. Only it’s a breeze for me. The hard work, it turns out, is all Caroline’s. Because I’m tough to stay hitched to. If for no other reason than a series of well-intended quirks that make me a bit…


But here’s thing: Caroline used to love these quirks. Sadly, now she doesn’t. See, this pregnancy has made my wife increasingly irritable. (In a sweet way, honey.) As such, she doesn’t have the patience she normally has. Which is bad news for me and my, um, proclivities. For they’re no longer deemed quirky and endearing. They’re deemed annoying. And here are the top 5:

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John Cave Osborne is a writer whose work has appeared on such sites as DisneyBaby, Babble, YahooShine, TLC and the Huffington Post. He was also referenced by Jezebel one time, but he’s pretty sure they were making fun of him. He and his wife, Caroline, live with their five children and spastic dog in Knoxville, TN. Nothing annoys him more than joke-heavy bios written in the third person, with the possible exception of Corey Feldman.