Boy or Girl? The Indecision Continues.

Boy or girl? Tough to say.

So this is a pretty big week for us. It’s time for Caroline’s anatomy ultrasound. Which is really good news, if you ask me. I’m one who likes to find out the gender. You know, it’s funny. When Caroline got pregnant last time, I was adamant that we NOT find out the gender. But once we learned she was carrying triplets, we figured we were pretty good on surprises. At that point, we decided that the more we knew about our uncertain and chaotic future, the better.

So we opted to learn the sexes and were thrilled at the BBG combo we were given. Once we found out the gender for the triplets, it only seemed natural to go ahead and find out the gender of this child, right? I mean, after all, s/he was quite a surprise to begin with. No need to make a mystery out of the gender.

Yet a mystery is what it, indeed, has become.

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