Men Chop Wood While Women Bake Delicious Cookies

All y’all who’ve been throwing out not-so-subtle Uncle Tom comments to me need to recognize one thing: you’re actions speak so loudly I can scarcely hear a word you’re saying. I’m who I’ve always been. I can smell bullshit from a country mile. And when I do, I’ll let you know about it. As the post below proves.

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Men Chop Wood While Women Bake Delicious Cookies

That better be done by the time I get back from hunting.

You know what bugs me? When men don’t treat women with the respect they deserve. Maybe it’s because I grew up with three older sisters. Or maybe it’s because my mom is such a strong and accomplished woman.

Whatever the reason, I believe that women are equal to men in every way and in every context. And I’m not looking for a medal, but sweeping, misogynistic slights against women are not something I take lightly. And while there has been much improvement with regard to gender equality, there’s still a long way to go.

A recent post on Baby’s First Year proves that fact in spades.

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  • Seattledad

    Great article JCO. Thanks for calling her on it. Even humorous attempts can lead to perpetuating stereotypes.