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This post is for my Ktown peeps, and it involves another of my Ktown peeps — Katie Allison Granju. She’s doing everything possible to further the investigation surrounding the brutal assault that helped land her son, Henry, in the hospital. And she’s asked for our help.

Please read below:


On Sunday, April 25, 2010, 18 year old Henry Louis Granju (pictured below) solicited aid from a citizen in or around the area of Mayfield Avenue at Winstead Street in South Knoxville, culminating in the citizen driving Granju to Joe Foster Park located at 1116 Drive D, Knoxville TN. This interaction took place in the early evening hours on that date – likely between 6:30 and 8:00 pm.

Our family would very much like to locate this wonderful Good Samaritan who reached out to help our injured son. We want to offer our thanks, and we also want to find out what this person saw or heard when interacting with Henry inmmediately following the assault.

Additionally, we would like to learn whether anyone in that neighborhood or traveling through the area at that time directly observed Henry’s assault, or saw him being put out of a car by his assailants at or near Mayfield Avenue at Winstead Street in South Knoxville.

If you have any information to share, please call Henry’s mom, Katie Granju at 283-0395 or email her at

Please help us spread the word however you can to anyone and everyone in the greater Knoxville area.


The Granju and Hickman families

Katie also writes:

In the next week or three, I will be organizing a weekend-long, volunteer search of the entire neighborhood around Joe Foster Park, as well as the street intersection where the attackers told law enforcement they put Henry out of their car. I will ask as many friends, family members and concerned citizens who are willing to help me canvass a 5-15 mile area with flyers and house to house visits, trying to find this person.

Katie — whenever you get this organized, no matter what we have going on, I can assure you that I’ll be there to help. Please keep us all posted on your plan to canvass. Still thinking of Henry often, as well as of both of his wonderful families, which, of course, includes his beautiful and brave mama.

With love…

the Osborne family

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  • Anonymous

    Sharing on FB for my K-town peeps…

  • muskrat

    Is he okay now? Glad there are still some good Samaritans running around. I didn’t realize Jews and Gentiles ever inter-married!

    • Anonymous

      No. He died on May 31 from a combination of the brutal assault and a drug overdose.

  • Lauri Halterman

    This is just so sad….

    I posted it on my facebook wall…

    • Anonymous

      thanks, lauri! i hope you’re well. happy thanksgiving.